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Hike to the Schuhflicker

In contrast to the primary rock mountains of the rest of the Gastein Valley, the Schuhflicker over Dorfgastein is made of limestone, more precisely dolomite. A very special, colorful mountain flora thrives on this subsoil, including alpine pastures, "Erika", Alpine roses and "Enzian".

From the middle station, a trail leads through the beautiful mountain forest up to the Heumoossalm, on the well-marked mountain trail, it continues to Arltörl, a transition to Großarl, with a small chapel. Again and again the view inspires the perky rock tooth of the Schuhflicker. The climb up to our summit is nicely laid out, cleverly guided through rocky passages and never too steep. From the "Wetterkreuz" the first rocky peaks are reached quickly, maybe you can even see climbers there - but only from a safe distance, due to the risk of falling rocks. After a few bends you stand in the "Schuhflickerscharte", leaving only the rocky summit structure, which is exposed, but well secured. A head for heights are absolutely necessary. Return via the Arltör to the mountain station of the Fulseckbahn.

Alternative and somewhat simpler route, eg ascent with the gondola lift to the mountain station Fulseck (2033 m) with a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains. Hike across the "Biotopensteig" to the Arltörl (1800 m), continue to the "Wetterkreuz" and up to the Schuhflicker (2214 m). Then descent on the Jagersteig to Grabneralm and to the middle station, down with the gondola.

Tip: Great is also the hike from the Schuhflicker over the Hias-Wallner-Steig to the Paarseen.

Hike to the Schuhflicker

5632 Dorfgastein


Starting point:
Middle station Fulseckbahn, Dorfgastein

Total walking time:
about 4 hours
Lenght: about 10 km
Highest point: 2214 m

Ascent: 760 Hm
Descent: 300 Hm

Difficulty: medium-difficult
Walking points: 25

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