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Hike to the Spiegelsee in Dorfgastein

The aim of this easy hike is the Mirror Lake (1827 m), a refreshing oasis of peace and tranquility on Fulseck. From the middle station (1466 m) we walk to Wengeralm with the lovely little chapel. We follow the road for a bit and then descend on the Crystal Trail, a beautifully landscaped theme, up to the Mirror Lake. At this calm oasis one should allow sufficient time to look across the water, lying on one oft the comfy wooden sunchairs but to take off your shoes and wade through the water on loose stones. This is not only for hot days to rest and relax, but anytime. In about 15 minutes we finally reach the mountain station (2033 m) following the dirt road, where the cable car returns the weary travelers to the valley.


  • From the Mirror Lake you can enjoy a trip to Kreuzkogel (Hiking Guide Gastein, tour 32).
  • Of course, this hike is also recommended in the opposite direction: Take the cable car up toFulseck, then descend over Mirror Lake to the middle station.

Hike to the Spiegelsee in Dorfgastein

5632 Dorfgastein


Starting point:
Middle Station / Top Station Fulseck Gondola

Total walking time:
about 2,5 hours
Lenght: about 4,5 km
Highest point: 2033 m

Ascent: 650 Hm
Descent: 650 Hm

Difficulty: easy

Walking points: 6

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