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Autoschleuse Böckstein - Mallnitz

The Tauern motorail connects the Mölltal in Carinthia with the Gastein valley in Salzburg through the Tauern tunnel and is an alternative to the Tauern motorway. The Tauern Tunnel is 8370m long, the journey time by car lock is about 12 minutes. The transport of cars with freight trains through the Tauern tunnel has been carried out since 1920. From 1960 to 2001, the inmates were able to stay in the car to speed up the handling time, which has since been prohibited for safety reasons.

Process at the loading point:
Riders (and animals) leave the car, the driver drives it on the loading train and turns it off with the handbrake on and the first gear engaged. The driver and passengers take a seat in the two-story panorama car, and at the other end of the Tauernschleuse, leaving the loading point in reverse order.

Motorcycles are lashed and secured by the train conductor, for this reason we recommend arriving at the loading point about 20 minutes before departure. Motorcycle groups from 6 vehicles must pre-register according to ÖBB.

For bicycles from 30. April to 02 October, an additional wheel car at the car overpass train. Loading period of the bike is 15 minutes to 5 minutes before departure of the train!

Departure times in Böckstein:
6:20 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20 11:20 12:20 13:20 14:20 15:20 16:20 17:20 18:20 19:20 20:20 21:20 22:20 23:20

Departure times in Mallnitz:
5:50 6:50 7:50 8:50 9:50 10:50 11:50 12:50 13:50 14:50 15:50 16:50 17:50 18:50 19:50 20:50 21:50 22:50

Loading start 15 minutes before departure of the train | Loading end 5 minutes before departure of the train


Car / motorcycle (up to 3,5t)
€ 20,40
Weekly ticket (car / motorcycle up to 3,5t)
€ 73,70
Monthly ticket (car / motorcycle up to 3,5t)
€ 134,60
Annual pass (car / motorcycle up to 3,5t)
€ 293,40
Car with trailer (up to 3,5t)
€ 32,50
Trailer (up to 3,5t)
€ 12,10
Truck / Bus (over 3,5t), Motorhome (3-axled)
€ 60,00
€ 10,00
1 pedestrian without car (hikers, skiers,...)
€ 4,90

Permitted vehicle dimensions:
Maximum height truck: 3,60m | Max. Height of buses: 3,80m | Max. Width: 2.50m | Max. Weight: 25 tons

Not allowed are:
Liquid and natural gas powered vehicles | Dangerous goods transports RID / ADR | Vehicles over 12.5m total length

Transportation by appointment only:
Motorcycle groups  |  Buses (2-axled)   Pre-registration at

Limited space, reservation not possible.The carriage on specific trains cannot be guaranteed.

ATTENTION: The ÖBB Tauern Tunnel between Böckstein and Mallnitz will be closed from April 12, 2023 to May 17, 2023. Long-distance trains will be diverted over a large area, and the Tauernbahn car lock will be completely out of action during this period.
ÖBB spokesman Herbert Hofer: “In the Böckstein portal area there is a slight crack over a length of around 20 metres. It was discovered five years ago. The crack has been monitored since then, and the expansion has now become apparent. Extensive support measures are still necessary this year as a precautionary measure."
Further suspension due to complete modernization: November 18, 2024 to July 4, 2025

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Updated on 14.12.2023

Autoschleuse Böckstein - Mallnitz

Bahnhof Böckstein
5645 Böckstein / Bad Gastein


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